Product Visualization, Design
and Solving Problems are my Passion

Tamara Stampone digital marketing portrait

UX design is about empathy for people, about creating an emotional connection. The best creatives have a clear picture of who they’re designing for, and why. 

I have a strong desire to create my own opportunities and experiences.  I earned a B.A. in Communications in 2009. That same year, the stock market crashed, as did any chance of landing an entry-level job in media production.

I didn’t let that hiccup in the road discourage me. I ended up going freelance and scoured the internet for any opportunity that would lead to new experiences. I can proudly say that, despite being difficult at times, I believe that roadblock steered me in the right direction.

Later on, I wanted to see what else I could do with my creativity and the experiences I made for myself. In 2019, I decided to learn and earn a Careerfoundry certificate in UX, UI, Voice Interaction Design, and Front-End Development.

Their website featured my “Cook for me” project. 

I’ll help you keep your audience engaged and convey your message effectively with my creativity, storytelling sense, attention to detail, and positive attitude. I’ve worked with small businesses on advertising campaigns, brand videos, and  website launches.

I'm a problem solver
by nature

I believe that good design thinking is a combination of user-centric design principles, problem solving, and a firm understanding of what makes a product or service a delight to use. My UX skills include the ability to prototype, create low-fidelity wireframes, and conduct usability testing.

My skills & experience.

A self-starter with a passion for creativity. I am constantly learning and ask myself “how can I grow more?” Growth in my personal growth, my work, my relationships, and my creativity.
In my free-time I create Podcast to help other freelancers on their solo journey.

Video Editor

(2013 - 2021) - Freelance

Website Designer / UX Designer

(2020 - Present) Freelance