Voice Interaction Design
& User Experience Project

"Alexa, Cook for Me"


Design Process

"Alexa, Cook for Me"


Research and Creating user persona's and system persona

User Stories & AWS Lambda

Updating code within Amazon Developer Console to match utterances and prompt ID's.

Usability Testing

Using Amazon Developer console and WOZ testing. Finding pain points, adjusting code for further testing.


A voice assistant is a wonderful thing, it can remind us of appointments, tell us the weather and send us directions. However, using voice for a recipe or cooking guide – presents itself difficulties without a visual aid. 

Problems to solve:

  • To introduce users to quick, 5-minute recipes
  • To have a variety of meal recipes
  • To allow users to use ingredients they currently have at their disposal
  • To help users meal prep without a visual aid

I enjoyed designing “Cook for Me” because as a voice assistant user myself, I quickly realized that writing out utterances and prompts within Amazon Developer Console proved to be challenging and I’m always up for a challenge.

Voice System Persona

Our Voice Interaction Design User Persona

Voice Interaction Design Project

Voice Interaction - User Stories & Scenario's

User Flow & Journey Map
Voice Interaction Design

As a human, we tend to say a lot more than we should and as a device, it often does not understand what we want. 

I often find myself remembering a quarter of what Alexa or Siri just said. Taking those points into consideration, I realized I had to re-adjust my writing within the console.

Final Thoughts


By adjusting the prompts and possible utterances that our user could say,  I challenged myself and put myself inside the users head, to define possible outcomes and emphasize with how they would use a recipe guide to quickly whip up a meal with a few things they have in their fridge. 

Overall, I realized voice interfaces present challenges and need to be viewed differently to provide a good user experience. 

While “Cook for Me” was my first voice interface design project, it certainly will not be my last. 


'Cook for Me'
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