Hello, I'm Tamara,
UX Designer with expertise in Visual Design

My name is Tamara Stampone. I am a User Experience Designer, and a Visual Storyteller. As a UX Designer I design interfaces for desktop, mobile platforms. As a Visual Storyteller I create concept-to-project deliverables for brands and social media platforms.

I’m passionate about helping people – users on their journey with any digital product they encounter.

Since 2013, I’ve been producing video content for brands and businesses, helping them craft their stories into shareable messages that ultimately allow them to grow into the creative artist they truly are. 

I aim to simplify the overall process as a UX Designer in order to construct better and more practical user interfaces. 

tamara stampone ux designer video producer

What can I do for you?

I keep constant watch on the clients’ goals and objectives, and their approach to solving problems. Innovative thinking and problem solving are two traits that separate me from most UX Designers. My background in video and motion graphics  allows me to bring a level of product design knowledge not often seen in the industry.

Craft Solutions

I design innovative solutions that reflect the users that interact with them.


Takes complex user experience problems and reduces them to visual solutions.


I design innovative solutions that reflect the users that interact with them.

Selected works.

Alexa Skill - Cook for Me

Voice Interaction UX Skill Project.


AWS Lambda, UX Design

MVP Price Compare

An easy-to-use application that allows users to compare grocery prices and total cart cost.


Research, UX Design, UI Design and Prototype

Expert App

Virtually connect with an Expert in any field


UX Research, UX Design

What my clients say.

"I’ve been continually impressed with Tamara’s attention to detail and ability to follow directions to a T, along with her willingness to create a superior product. Tamara would be an asset to any project and surely deliver a high quality end result"
Robert Gordon
Brand Manager
"Tamara is a thoughtful designer who does a great job balancing design and user needs. She receives feedback with an open and receptive attitude and because of this, learned exponentially while she was working with me"
Jayd Jackson